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Hon. Keisuke SUZUKI

SUZUKI Keisuke
Keisuke SUZUKI
Current Positions
• Member of the House of Representatives, Japan
• Director, HR Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Japan
• Vice-Chairperson, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Public Relations Headquarters, Japan
• Deputy Chairperson of Policy Research Council Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Japan
• Head, Project Team on Taiwan Issues, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Japan
Academic Background
• Faculty of Law, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Past Experiences
• Served in the Ministry of Finance, Japan
• Vice-Consul of Japan in New York
• State Minister of Finance, Japan
• State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Japan
• Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism; Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Cabinet Office, Japan
• Director, Standing Committee on Budget, House of Representatives, Japan
• Director, Special Committee on TPP, House of Representatives, Japan
• Chairman, Standing Committee on Judicial Affairs, House of Representatives, Japan
• Head, Youth Division, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Japan
• Deputy Secretary-General, LDP, Japan
• Deputy Chairperson, Diet Affairs Committee, LDP, Japan
• Head, LDP Treasury and Finance Division, Japan


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