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Heinrich KREFT

Heinrich KREFT
Dr. Heinrich KREFT
Current Positions
• Professor and Director of the Center for Diplomacy, Andrássy University in Budapest, Hungary
Academic Background
• Ph.D., WWU Münster, Germany
• M.A., WWU Münster, Germany
Past Experiences
• From 2016–2020 he was Ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and before that Deputy Chief of Mission of the German Embassy in Madrid, Spain. Prior to this he was Ambassador and Director General for International Academic and Educational Relations and Dialogue among Civilizations in the German Foreign Ministry (2011-2014). In this capacity he set up various dialogue projects among others with parliamentarians and politicians from various Arab countries, Germany, France and the UK. Prior to this he served as Senior Foreign and Security Policy Advisor in the German Parliament (2006-2010). As diplomat he was stationed in La Paz, Bolivia (1988-91), in Tokyo, Japan (1991-94) and Washington D.C., USA (2001-2004). In the Foreign Ministry he was a member of the Policy Planning Staff (in charge of the Americas, Asia and Economic Issues 1996-2001); Senior Strategic Analyst and Deputy Head of the Policy Planning Staff of the German Foreign Ministry (2004-2006); He was visiting fellow at The Henry L Stimson Center (2001, July- December), the Heritage Foundation (2002, January-March) and the Woodrow Wilson International Center (2002, April-June) in Washington, D.C., USA


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